Lincoln Ranks Among Top Schools in Nation

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Whitney Moore is just a high school junior.

But already she's preparing for college: taking several advanced placement courses.

"Before I really didn't think I was a good writer but coming into that class I really learned to express myself in essays and get my point across,” Moore explains.

Moore is walking the halls of Lincoln High School, listed as the 79th best public high school in the country: the ranking based on preparing average students for college.

"Some schools hold AP for the very elite for kids that score in the 99th percentile. We recommend any student who thinks they want to go to college to take an AP course," said Lincoln High School Guidance Counselor Teri Gimbel.

To measure how well a school prepares their students for college you take the number of AP and IB tests taken and divide it by the number of graduating seniors.

"We really emphasize the experience an AP course provides students in preparing them to do that level of work," said Deborah Shephard, who oversees more than 20 AP courses offered at Lincoln High School.

Principal Martha Bunch says she couldn't be more proud, "I'm proud of the fact that our students are willing to step up and take a very hard high school curriculum and we know that that will prepare them for college and I'm just proud of them for taking that."

Other schools in our area that made the best high schools list: Rickards, Leon and Chiles.