Hit and Run Trial Underway

Willie James Smart is accused of fleeing the scene last may while Allen Rasberry lay dead in the street.

Keith Savoy and his friend Allen Rasberry were walking home from a celebration at The Moon that night when he heard a noise and found his lifeless friend down in the street.

Savoy readily admits he never saw the truck that hit his friend and never saw the man behind the wheel.

Willie James Smart is accused of striking Rasberry and never turning back. Smart was arrested a week later after bringing his Chevy pick up to a body shop for repairs.

Police investigator Joe Giangrosso testified that Rasberry was wrapped around the truck's grille with his upper body on the hood for more than a second and the lead crash investigator is convinced that smart knew it. Smart's attorney says that's for the jury to decide.

Testimony has wrapped up for the night. Closing arguments are slated first thing Wednesday morning, meaning the jury will probably get that case before noon.