Bates Probation Violation

A former Monticello police officer, already convicted of drug charges, is behind bars again for violating his probation.

Larry Bates Junior was driving his truck along North Monroe Street last month when Tallahassee Police stopped him for an expired tag.

His passenger, Maggie Oglesby, who has served time in prison for drugs, was arrested after police discovered cocaine in her possession.

Bates was not arrested on scene but turned himself in later after being accused of violating his probation for associating with someone who is breaking the law.

Bates’ brush with the law began in February of 2004 when an informant told officers he had been supplying the officer with crack cocaine. A subsequent internal investigation revealed Bates received crack cocaine under false pretenses from the Perry Police Department.

In August, Bates decided to plea to four felony charges instead of facing a lengthy trial. Probation officers say Bates will be held in jail until he goes to court. Bates is scheduled to be arraigned June 5.