Easing Flood Woes in Frenchtown

The $17.2 million proposal is the option Stormwater Management says would displace the least amount of people.

But, you're talking about in some cases, property that's belonged to families for generations.

John Sqaw is trying to live the American dream; he's got his house with the white picket fence, and an ugly debate with the city of Tallahassee. One he says could turn his backyard into a holding pond.

“All I can see in that holding pond is nothing but filth,” says Sqaw.

Tallahassee Stormwater Management says the proposed holding pond on Frenchtown's Rollins Street will help to control the flood waters that drown parts of the community.

John and his neighbors agree flooding is a problem, but, the retention pond is not the way to go.

"I don't want to move on, but I can move on, but some of these people out here can't move on because they have no place to go,” Sqaw says.

Stormwater Management has an alternative. The new option going before City Commissioners next week removes the Rollins Street pond, expanding at two other pond sites.

“It would be substantially less effective, it would offer about a five to six year storm flood protection, some areas more than that,” says John Buss, Director of Stormwater Management.

And Buss says, the flooding issues will not be solved. Jenson Taylor who's lived in the neighborhood since 1937 is fed up. Retention pond or not, he wants something done.

"Some people are against it because they are not being aggravated by the water and some would like to see it, but I would like to see some kind of relief,” Taylor adds.

Stormwater Management's John Buss did say that if the city goes with the option where the Rollins Street Pond is removed. Flooding will continue to be a problem along old Bainbridge Road, Dent and Dover streets.