Happy Waste?

Complaints on waste management are mounting, but a new survey shows most city of Tallahassee and Leon County residents are satisfied with their services.

Leon County resident Everett Yarbrough says taking his garbage can about 300 feet to the road for pick-up is already a hassle, and to have to keep checking to see if it's been dumped makes it worse.

"They're very inconsistent with picking the trash up. Sometimes they come on the day they're suppose to, sometimes it's the next day and sometimes they don't come at all. We have a lot of trouble with them picking up the recycling. They don't seem to do good job of that,” says Yarbrough.

While a complaint log with the Leon County Commission lists a host of residents' complaints about solid waste service in the county, the Tallahassee-voices survey shows most are pleased.

"It's clear from the poll that service has improved over the years as they've gathered data. I think this survey is a verification that the services being provided by Waste management in Leon County are excellent,” says Rick Bateman, Waste Management Attorney.

When the survey was done last July, 62 percent of city residents and 61 percent of county residents claimed they received all of the services to which they were entitled all of the time.

"Ninety-five percent of the people of the city and 93 percent of the people in the county are very satisfied,” Bateman adds.

Bateman says many of the complaints are from residents who do not know what services are supposed to be provided.