East Gadsden Graduation Honors Teen

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Eighteen-year-old Tiffani Ivory was supposed to walk with her graduating class from East Gadsden High.

Instead, the band student is there in spirit more than four months after she was killed in a car crash on the afternoon of Jan. 12.

Her grandmother, Margie Robinson remembers the sheriff showing up at their home.

"He told me Tiffani was gone and I said what do you mean gone? And he said she had an accident and got killed and I just couldn't believe it. It was shocking,” Robinson recalls.

The commencement bringing tears and cheers, Tiffani's father, Larry Ivory, wearing his daughter's senior class picture on his shirt.

"It's very hard to lose someone that young and beautiful and I'm just taking it one day at a time,” he shares.

Holding back tears, Tiffani's mother, Patricia Ivory described her daughter as family oriented, "She loved family, she loved family time and she would've wanted all of us to be here.”

During commencement, two other students who were killed this school year were honored.

Terrence Bryant killed by a gunshot, and Angelica Cummings losing her life in another fatal crash.

Tiffani's grandmother is asking parents to hug their children a little tighter before going to bed tonight.

"All parents and grandparents should be careful of how they talk to their children because you never know if that's the last time you're gonna see em," Robinson says.