Teacher Using War as a Teaching Tool

Newspaper articles cover the wall of Coach Witters world history class. Headlines hung to capture the minds of these sophomore's at Godby High School.

"This is the first time in my lifetime we felt like we were threatened here at home, " said Coach Art Witters, teacher at Godby High School.

Coach Witters remembers growing up during the Cuban missile crisis, and now he wants his students to remember this war.

He has given them each a journal to record their thoughts.

"It's something they are going to keep till the end of the year, so when (they're) old like me (they can) remember what it was like going through a war," said Witters.

From the front of the classroom, he is teaching his students about the men and woman on the front lines.

Each day the students keep track of the troop's push to Baghdad, the number of soldiers killed and who is missing in action. It's more than a lesson plan, it's a life lesson learned.

"Been more reverend with what's going on. (They) realize people are dying, and all those who have cousins and uncles over there. It's scary," Witters said.

Coach Witters has even designed a Web site for the students where they can get up to date reports on the war in Iraq, homework assignments or send the soldiers words of encouragement.

If you would like to visit Coach Witters' Web site you can log onto www.coachWitters87.org.