Tallahassee: Top 50 Best Places to Live

Tallahasseans already know they have a great city in which to live and work. But now it's getting national attention from a popular magazine.

It's not hard to convince the people who live here that Tallahassee is a great place live.

"It's a family place and we have lots to do here, with lots of colleges," said Shirley Henderson, Tallahassee resident

"We're a young city, age-wise by and large. We certainly take care of our seniors though. We're obviously a healthy community, we're blessed with really good weather," said Bill Behenna, City of Tallahassee

And that's mostly what the magazine Men's Journal was looking for when it recently ranked Tallahassee in the top 50 best places to live in the country.

"This is absolutely fantastic but it's not terribly surprising to me because I know we have a wonderful city, but it wasn't just the city," said Mayor John Marks, Tallahassee.

Magazine editors say they wanted to find areas that have the amenities of a big city, while preserving the comforts of a small town.

As a side note, Tallahassee is also being recognized for something aside from being a great place to live. Tallahassee was voted by Men's Journal with "Best Women."

"Here in Tallahassee, life is good," said David Sherman.

The issue of Men's Journal will hit newsstands April 8.