Sexually Explicit Prank at Wakulla County High School

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Wakulla County School Superintendent David Miller says what school officials discovered Friday morning was a bit over the top.

Officials with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office say a phallic symbol, stretching about 20 yards, was burned into the grass of the school's football field.

Some Wakulla High School sophomores found the prank humorous.

"I think it is cool, really. The last day of school, you are supposed to have fun and worry about getting in trouble the next day or the next week."

"If they are smart, they won't get caught. If they leave the door open, they'll get caught. But I don't think they will leave the door open."

One student sympathizes with the superintendent after learning Friday night marked the school's 40th graduating class.

"He wants to make a good impression on the parents, especially if it's the 40th anniversary as you said. I can see how he feels about it."

Miller says commencement ceremonies have been held at the field since the late 60s, so it is very much a tradition, and it's not going to stop now.

So far, no suspects have been named. Anyone with information on this act of vandalism should call the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office at 850-926-0800.