Hazing Victim's Family Speaks Out

As five FAMU fraternity brothers accused of hazing wait to find out whether they'll be allowed to finish their spring classes.

Attorneys for hazing victim Marcus Jones are hoping both the criminal case and the school hearings will wrap up promptly so Jones can move on with his life.

They say Marcus Jones and the injuries he suffered that night in February have been somewhat overshadowed by the fate of the five fraternity brothers.

"There's a tendency perhaps to forget that there is a young man who is a victim in this case, who is also at the center of this whole process, so it's not just what happens to the five young men who are charged, but also the public needs to know the young man is affected and his family is affected," says Jones' family attorney Roosevelt Randolph.

Five Kappa Alpha Psi brothers were arrested in April and accused of taking Jones to an abandoned warehouse and beating him with canes so severely he required stitches and surgery.

Those criminal charges are still pending and sources say decisions on their school status are expected any day.