Perry Woman Still Missing After Four Months

Four months later and still no concrete leads on a missing Perry woman.

Patricia Knight's parents reported her missing right after her mother's birthday in January.

Her mother says going through mother's day without her this past weekend was also difficult.

Last seen there Jan. 13 James and Carol Locket say they want their daughter home.

"We hear a lot of things, this and that. But nothing solid, nothing led to her whereabouts. We're just still hoping and praying that for some reason something good will come out of this,” says Patricia’s father James Locket.

Perry police did a K-9 search on Homer J. Smith Road on March 30 after rumors of a body being buried there; nothing came up.

"We called FDLE down; they did a survey on exactly what we did. They said it really wasn't much more to be done than what we had done unless we get a little more information,” explains investigator Jim Wiggins of the Perry Police Department.

Missing Person fliers are still posted throughout the community. But Mrs. Locket says after a dreadful dream, she now believes her daughter is more than just missing.

"I said that looks like my daughter. She said how do you know and I said because I know the way she's built and I know how here body looks. As I was walking up to her seemed like I could smell her; and I said my daughter is dead,” explains Knight’s mother, Carol Locket.

Knight is 41 years old, five feet tall, 125 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

"I pray all of the time, every night. If I could just get closure maybe things will be better for me, but right now it's not,” Carol adds.

Local residents are pointing fingers at four people of interest in the case, detectives have questioned them, but there is no evidence for arrests. The number to the Perry Police Department is 850-584-5121 if you have any information.