Students Sending Gifts to Troops

Across the country support for our men and women of the armed forces continues to flow in.

Some area students are doing their part. They've collected thousands of items for the soldiers fighting for freedom.

From the school grounds to the battlefield, that's where the boxes and boxes of supplies are heading.

"Since they are over there risking their lives thought we should do something to help them," said Rebecca Srygley 8th grader, Deerlake Middle School.

In the last two weeks the Deerlake Middle School students have collected more than 3,000 items for the troops in Baghdad, Iraq. They are sending everything from shampoo to soap to snacks.

"I didn't think we'd collect this many items as we did. I thought we'd do pretty good, but I didn't think we'd do as well as we did," said Macklin Bradford, 7th grader, Deerlake Middle School.

The students are handling each package with care, making sure it reaches its final destination unharmed for the special soldiers in harm's way.

"Every time an item came into the classroom it made me feel really good to know that people want to help our soldiers," said Kayla Harvey, 7th grader, Deerlake Middle School

Sending a taste of home and a touch of love to the troops fighting for freedom.

Thursday's lesson can't be found in any book, it's the story of kids helping those helping us.

The supply drive for the troops was organized by Deerlake's Student Government Association, the Human Relations, Students Working Against Tobacco and the Youth Crime Watch group.