NOAA Predicts Busy Hurricane Season

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This year's hurricane predictions are out and no surprise here, they believe this season could be very busy indeed with around 13-16 named storms, four to six of them at a category 3 or higher.

Take a look around at all the construction, shell point is still reeling from the blow dealt by hurricane Dennis.

Some of them have yet to recoup their money from insurance companies.

And here we go again.

Joe Blanchard, Emergency Management Director, said, "Even last fall they were predicting that we would have an active hurricane season and the predictions throughout the spring have all been that we're really gonna have another rough year."

NOAA forecasted 8-10 hurricanes with 4-6 of them at high intensity.

Mike McCall, Chief Meteorologist, said, “Hopefully people won't get caught up in the numbers game. When it comes to seasons like we had last year like we might have this year. Easiest thing to point to is 1992 when the first named storm even tropical storm didn't

Mike says don't get cozy with any of these predictions.

Remember last year? NOAA predicted the Katrina season at around 12 to 15 named storms, we ended up with 28.