FSU Addresses Handicap Access at Baseball Stadium

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It's no secret Robby Law is a huge FSU baseball fan.

He won't forget watching FSU take on North Carolina State last week.

Not because of the game, but because the handicap access elevator stopped working, leaving law and several others stuck on the second floor.

"I was aggravated that there wasn't a way to get down. I wasn't mad or anything, just frustrated that there wasn't another way to get down," says Law.

“I believe that an entity as large as FSU and as classy as FSU is, should be willing to do more than just meet minimum requirements when it comes to people's safety," says Bob Law, Robby’s father.

Before Dick Howser stadium's renovation, there were two wheelchair ramps, with no elevator.

Now, there is one elevator, with no wheelchair ramps.

“We just wish we could have gotten the service we needed a little bit quicker," says associate athletic director Bernard Waxman, who explains how the stadium meets the minimum requirements of the Americans with disabilities act, but says he is not satisfied with the current setup.

He says the design and future plans for the stadium do not include wheelchair ramps.

“Just prior to our meeting, I was over at the elevator with our contractors asking them why it happened and what we can do to prevent it from happening again," adds Waxman, who says the university is looking at other options to address this issue of handicap access.

He says the only other elevator call out this year at the stadium was on April 23.