Man Calls Dog Hero

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A man on vacation from New York says he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for his dog's keen sense of smell.

Twenty-two-year-old Brian Ribbs was driving on I-10 Monday night when his furry friend in the front seat started barking.

He says he looked over at Vito, then looked up at the car and noticed it was smoking. Just as he pulled over and jumped out with his pooch, the SUV went up in flames.

Ribbs says if Vito hadn't alerted him of the fire they may have never made it out safely, "I don't feel lucky for myself cause I knew I was gonna live, but I'm lucky for my dog and my stuff to be alive."

Ironically, Ribbs’ motor blew out two days ago and he bought this used car to replace it. Apparently it wasn't in the best shape either.