FCAT Scores in for Third Through Tenth Grade

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It is good news for most; scores are up for both math and reading statewide. Most counties are showing improvement. For students, teachers, and parents, the waiting is now over.

"I've been waiting for them to come out."

Cathy Lawson is a middle school mom, one of thousands of parents logging on to check her children's FCAT scores. It's not that she's worried that her child will fail; it's just that it's a lot of pressure for one test.

Cathy Lawson said, "It's a one day thing. If your kid shows up and they're sick that day, they don't feel well, they haven't gotten enough sleep for whatever reason, it's one shot."

Now the news is in. Scores are up across the board. The governor says it's due in large part to middle schoolers like Cathy's daughter.

Gov. Jeb Bush said, "It's really because of middle school, an area that we haven't seen much gains at all. In fact, the overall middle school results over the last three or four years have been relatively flat. In fact, our middle school students made a single year record increase coming from 51 to 57 percent."

We took a look at the fourth grade reading scores for our area. Leon County tops the list for scores, while Gadsden County's fourth grade reading scores are at the bottom. Gadsden is showing major improvement this year, but is still coming in with some of the lowest scores statewide.

Every parent has a password to check the student's score on line. The scores for third through tenth grade are now available at www.fcatparentnetwork.com.