Tallahassee Bus Boycott Anniversary Luncheon

There was a pride-filled luncheon Tuesday afternoon commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Tallahassee bus boycott.

City, county, school and community officials, leaders, and members gathered at the Leon County Civic Center. For the C.K. Steele, Sr. Human Rights Luncheon.

The event honored the Reverend Steele, who guided the bus boycott in Tallahassee May 1956, and his family who was present at the luncheon.

County Commissioner Bill Proctor, the event organizer, said, "They represent to our community one of the strong communities that sacrificed so much for civil rights. Their father sacrificed so much for his family. We believe that he has certainly served as an icon."

The speaker was Tallahassee Democrat Executive Editor Bob Gabordi. The luncheon was just one of several commemoration events scheduled throughout the week.