MDA Boot Drive Begins Thursday

Tallahassee firefighters are about to hit the streets to help Jerry's Kids.

The annual MDA boot drive begins this Thursday, and firefighters at Tallahassee's station one dropped in the first three dollars, not from their own pockets, but from a little boy who stopped by the station last year after the boot drive was over.

LT Judi Davison with the Tallahassee Fire Department said, "There was a child who wasn't able to make the boot drive, he was in a little league tournament at Messer Park and he made his mom go back to the house to get the three dollars out of his piggy bank to go to the fire station to drop it off the next day."

Last year, Tallahassee firefighters raised $27,000 in three days. This year they'll be at even more intersections in town and hope to raise $32,000.

This year's boot drive runs from Thursday through Saturday.