Gadsden Child Support Office Moving to Tallahassee

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The Quincy company Ad Surf Daily that was raided by federal agents in August, owns the building where the Division of Child Support operates. Now employees are cleaning out their offices and sending their clients to Tallahassee.

Renee Watters, the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Revenue says, "This was not in our overall plan but because of the situation the landlord is in we feel, we find that we have got to get out of the current location and find other space for our employees and space so that we can serve our clients in Gadsden County."

The office is moving in two weeks which has left parents worried about transportation.

"I'm a little upset about it because due to the fact that there's certain people around here that do not have a vehicle to get back and forth to Tallahassee in order to do their child support things, " says Foi Anderson a concerned parent in Gadsden County.

The change in location has some parents concerned about how their child's case will be handled in the future.

Tangelia Baker goes to the Gadsden County office, she says, "Fathers that, or either mothers that are not being able to get the help they need, or get to the place they need to be to get the information to get help for their kids, that means the kids go lacking."

The Florida Department of Revenue is working on a plan to better accommodate residents who don't have the means to travel.

"We are so hopeful that it's going to work out. We are going to do everything possible for both our employees and our clients," says Renee Watters.

The office in Gadsden county serves more than six-thousand parents and transportation to Tallahassee seems to be everyone's biggest concern.

The Florida Department of Revenue plans to be in Gadsden county at least once a week.

They also say they hope to get a special phone number where parents can easily access help for their cases.

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