Emergency Truck

If a terrorist ever does strike in Tallahassee – or a major hurricane for that matter -- a new Mobile Command Center is ready to roll.

The Command Center can establish 9-1-1 and emergency radio service anywhere, as soon as the rig is put in park. On March 12, a mock terrorist attack at Doak Campbell Stadium tested the readiness of emergency response crews.

In the event of a real tragedy, manmade or natural, the million-dollar Mobile Communications Command Center is ready.

If phones are knocked out, it can re-establish 9-1-1 service and re-establish radio communications with police, fire and paramedics.

The Command Center has a microwave and to monitor TV coverage it has satellite phones and radios too.

The conference room is key as well. As deputies can meet with firefighters, paramedics, Red Cross and more to coordinate their response.

The Command Center cannot only be used in the event of a disaster in Leon County, it's compatible with frequencies in 12 counties and can be reprogrammed to work anywhere that Mother Nature or terrorists strike.

The Mobile Communications Center will be used primarily in Leon County, but upon request it can go to the scene of any disaster in the state.