Meth Lab Found in Lowndes County

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What deputies discovered between two mobile home parks in Clyattville caught neighbors off guard.

Darla Hendricks said, "Wow! I mean, I had no idea!"

Off Cedar Drive and back towards the woods sits a vacant mobile home.

As contractors worked to clean up the mobile home they found a plastic container with what they believed to be the components of a meth lab and called the Sheriff's Office right away.

LT Rob Picciotti said, "They found a trunk that they found inside of one of the closets, contained a red phosphorus lab and several chemicals associated with that and some oil left over from the cook."

Deputies say the property is owned by a local rental company and they believe the trailer has been vacant for about 18 months. As of right now, deputies do not have anyone in custody related to this incident, but they do have a few leads.

Picciotti said, "We want to follow up on those. I don't know if it's going to be some prior tenants; I've got some ID stuff, but I think the best thing is going to be the fingerprints."

While the narcotics unit searches for whoever used the trailer to cook meth, Hendricks said she just glad they found and cleaned up the lab.

Hendricks said, "I'm tickled because I know how dangerous it is. I know it's highly explosive. We've got children on bicycles going up and down the road at all times. If anything would have happened it could've hurt our children."

If you have any information regarding this incident, you are urged to call the Sheriff's Office at 229-244-3784.