Trailer Dispute in Woodville

The Leon County code enforcement board has just declared a field full of dilapidated trailers in Woodville a public nuisance.

The 60-day "clean up or else" order comes as after more than two years of feuding and more than $80,000 in fines.

You can see a half dozen or more of the dilapidated trailers from the road. With insulation and other debris strewn on the ground, and even a couple of dogs holed up inside one of the trailers, it's been like this for more than two years and neighbors along Rhodes Cemetery Road are fed up.

Terry Pace, who lives nearby, says, "We've called and we've called, time and time again, and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. It's like driving by a garbage dump every day to our homes out here in Wilkinson Woods."

Dennis Bodiford of the Wilkinson Woods Homeowners Association adds, "No one does anything. Well, you can look and no one's moved anything out of here."

The Leon County code enforcement board got an initial complaint about this property in 2004, yet little has changed.

The land owner says the man who owns the junked trailers refuses to move them, and the man who owns the junked trailers says the landowner harasses and threatens his crew each time he tries.

The two of them have amassed $82,000 in fines.

Emma Smith of the Leon County Code Compliance Program says, "The fines will continue to run at 250 dollars per day."

The code enforcement board just declared the property a public nuisance and gave the men a 60-day ultimatum.

Emma Smith adds, "The property owner, as well as the violator, is given time to clean up that property, 60 days after which time the county would come in and abate the property."

That's code for clean it up and bill them for it, but neighbors say they'll believe it when they see it.

The 60-day order was issued late last week. We'll check back with neighbors and code enforcement officers to see if there's any progress, and the head of Leon County's code compliance program says if the men do clean up the property before then, there's a chance their fines could be reduced but not forgiven.