Springtime Survey

Some folks took a break from the Springtime Tallahassee Celebration to take a survey given by the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office.

Two hundred and twenty five people cast a ballot in the Springtime Survey. Here are the questions and the results.

Should the United States invade Iraq without UN approval? 135 people said yes and 82 people said no.

Should there be a re-vote on the limited class size in Florida? 127 said yes, 92 said no. Should there be a re-vote on the Bullet train issue? 130 said yes, 88 said no. Should citizens be able to amend the state constitution by petition? 143 yes, and 71 said no.

People were also asked do you support building a convention center in downtown Tallahassee? 134 yes and 73 said no.

Should the North Florida Fairgrounds be relocated from the south side to make way for more intensive development? 158 said no and 45 said yes.

Finally, people were asked, Will you visit the Challenger Imax center in Tallahassee? 189 said yes and 29 said no.