FCAT Gains in Gadsden County

Earlier this week FCAT scores were announced, and so far several schools in our area are seeing marked improvements. One of those districts is Gadsden County where school officials there are hoping the rise in test scores will translate into passing school grades.

Gadsden County Superintendent Reginald James says students are making positive gains throughout the district. He's now reassessing the scores to find ways to improve them when next year’s test findings are revealed.

Superintendent Reginald James said, "We're moving students in level one, which is the lowest reading level, to level two, and many have not moved to level three, which is proficiency, so were moving them; we’re making gains in areas, so it's noteworthy that the governor come on and said Gadsden County is making significant gains."

In fact, 33 percent of students in grades three through 10 are reading at or above grade level. That's compared to 29 percent in 2004, and 38 percent of students are demonstrating mathematic skills at or above grade level, and that's up six percent.

James added, "We have had some success we haven't had in the past and I think success breeds success, and based on the momentum we've created everyone feels we can get it done on this FCAT test, and on the sunshine standards it's something the children can really master."

James says once the children master their skills and more students move up to level three, the county will be recognized for its improvement throughout the state.

The superintendent will be implementing more new programs in all areas to help the students master the FCAT.