TPD Officer Accused of Profiling

A South Florida lawmaker accuses a Tallahassee Police officer of racial profiling.

Representative Prsicilla Taylor of West Palm Beach called the Tallahassee Police chief after a traffic stop on Blair Stone Road last month.

The officer says he stopped Taylor for an expired tag, but she handed him a valid registration card.

Tallahassee Police investigated and say the officer simply made a mistake in keying in Taylor’s specialty tag.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee Police Spokesman says, "It wasn't racial profiling. It was an officer mistake. He did not format the query correctly. It has been corrected with our focus groups. They've reached every officer on patrol and did a refresher course on simply how to correctly run specialized tags."

According to the Internal Affairs report, Taylor still has her doubts about TPD's explanation. It quotes her as saying, "You can call it bingo; I call it racial profiling."

She now wants fellow lawmakers in the black caucus to look into the issue.