Trailer Dispute Heats Up

Damon Peters owns that property off Rhodes Cemetery Road and says he's been trying to have these trailers removed for more than two years. He claims the owner of the junked trailers, Bobby Lord, made a deal with a previous tenant to put them here and has since refused to move them.

"I have nothing to do with these mobile homes being here. I don't own them. There was no permission by me granted to have them put here. Bobby Lord is responsible. He wears the Cinderella shoe for this."

The county has given the two men 60 days to remove these trailers or it will come in, clean up and send them the bill.

Peters says he's not paying a dime because he's done nothing wrong.

The owner of the junked trailers, Bobby Lord, declined an on camera interview with us. He says he will do his best to meet the county's 60 day deadline.