Teen Report: Graduation, Moving on to College

Many of those seniors will be heading back to the classroom, this time at a university.

Allison Mills and Valerie Pena are both Chiles High School seniors who are graduating this weekend and both have decided to attend an institute of higher learning.

"I think it is very important to go to college because it gives you a chance to put your mark on something and to be able to go on and say hey I did this and make a difference in the things you think need to be changed."

Seniors say one way to make a change is to take the necessary steps to pursue your dreams. More students are choosing to attend college to get high paying jobs and they are able to do that by getting academic and sports scholarships.

"You can get a job at McDonalds, but it's not going to pay for everything you do in life. It's hard to get money these days and a high paying job without education."

Students say an education is the way to go to become successful in life.

Lincoln High School students graduate Thursday night. Commencement services for Godby, Leon, and Chiles High Schools will be held on Saturday.