Record Florida Budget, Governor Wields Veto Pen

With a stroke of his pen Bush wiped away $450 million in spending, including several local programs.

For the past two years Tallahassee Memorial has worked to reopen a trauma center.

Warren Jones, spokesperson for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, explained, "The highest mortality rates for trauma in our state are in the five counties in are service area.”

Hospital officials were counting on $500,000 grant from the state of Florida, but Gov. Bush vetoed that money with a stroke of his pen.

“This budget represents our conservative approach to government,” says Bush.

Bush's newly inked budget contains a record $71.3 billion in spending. Schools get more than $18 billion, their largest increase ever. But the cuts are large, a record $448 million.

TMH isn't the only local entity to take a hit.

Several local programs will be without state money including the Woodville sewer project, firefighter projects in Hamilton and Gadsden Counties, and the Wakulla Springs aquifer project.

FSU lost more than $15 million in funding. The cuts don't always mean death for the programs, but their authors will now have to look elsewhere. Right now the hospital is asking for $300,000 from both the city and the county.

TMH says the Tallahassee area is the only region of its size in Florida to not have a trauma center.