U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson Opposes President Bush's Interior Secretary Choice

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Florida Sen. Bill Nelson spoke out against offshore drilling before fellow members of Congress.

Nelson opposed President Bush's nomination for interior secretary Dirk Kempthorne because he says Kempthorne supports putting oil and gas rigs off Florida's coast.

Nelson says offshore drilling could ruin Florida's booming tourism-driven economy.

"In America we have only three percent of the world's oil reserves. Our addiction to black gold will not be broken by more drilling, but by mounting an aggressive effort to fully exploit greater efficiencies and alternative fuels," said Nelson.

"For me, the most important thing is to minimize the amount of fuel we are using. I think it is important for us to drive hybrid vehicles and carpool. I suppose I'd rather like to see us getting it (oil) at home than going oversees and causing all the ruckus we are there," said Florida resident Debra Fahmie.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says protecting our environment and meeting the increasing demand for domestic energy are not mutually exclusive goals.