Hurricane Preparedness Survey: Are You Ready?

Florida's Division of Emergency Management released the findings of a preparedness survey.

Get a plan! That's the message the state of Florida's Division of Emergency Management is trying to send out. This comes after disconcerting numbers were found in some new surveys.

Jay Baker, an FSU researcher, says, "The two most important things you need to do to get better evacuation rates is to inform people that they live in an area that they have to evacuate, and a lot of people who are told to evacuate don't understand that they were told to evacuate."

However, Baker's research finds 75 percent of the people living in northwest Florida say they are prepared.

Chris Floyd with the Capital Area Red Cross says, "Here in north Florida, I believe we are probably as prepared as any part of the state. In terms of individuals, we really taking ownership of some of the outreach activities."

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings says there is no better time than now to start preparing for hurricane season. The tax break on hurricanes supplies will continue through the holiday weekend.