Chemical Agents Protection Suits

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They are the best protection when dealing with chemical agents. And they're in high demand.

"We have up to date equipment and we can respond to just about any kind of emergency as far as hazardous materials go,” says Stan Burcham, Tallahassee Fire Captain.

While Florida’s first responders are equip for chemical attacks, the rest of the state's emergency crews are left empty handed.

"We have more than most everybody else, but do we have enough for everything? No, not at all. And we're waiting on the federal money to come,” Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell says.

Money amounting to $89.5 million, that's what Florida’s Domestic Security Officials requested in March.

The Senate and Gov. Jeb Bush support the request. Now it's a waiting game for the final legislative approval.

FDLE reports 107 personal protective suits were issued to law enforcement in Leon County since November.