Man Killed in Perry, Florida

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The body of a young man found early Monday morning in Perry has left a neighborhood in shock. When we got to the place where the body was found, word had already spread through the community and people were suspicious about the man's death.

Relatives of 23-year-old Chivorski Burney say he was found dead in his car behind a Perry church Monday morning. Police arrived on scene at approximately 8:48 and pronounced Burney dead.

Those close to Burney say they believe he was a victim of a crime, and they're in disbelief.

April Watkins, the victim's cousin, said, "He was a loving person; everybody in the community loved him. There was nothing he wouldn't do for you. I don't know why, who would even want to do this to him at this point of time because he was to much of a good person."

Burney was known to friends as "Wolf," and they describe him as outgoing and charismatic; the life of the crowd; the type of person who puts others before himself.

Viola Bellamy, Burney's aunt, said, "We know Vaught as a loving kind young man. He would do anything he can to help you. He would give you the shirt off his back. He was just full of love."

Cousin Tiffany Wallace mentioned, "The family, really, you know, we sobbing about it, but it's nothing we really can do. But I miss him and I love him."

The cause of Burney's death is unknown, but family members say the effect will impact them all.

Perry police have now confirmed that Burney was shot and died as a result of his injury. A suspect has not been identified in this case. If anyone has any information related to this death, please contact the Perry Police Department at 850-584-5121.