Saving the Los Robles Arch

A piece of Tallahassee history is in danger of collapsing. This week, city commissioners will consider how much it could cost to save it.

The Arch at Los Robles has been blocked off since February. City engineers say it cannot stay this way. Nature will take its course and gravity will bring it down. The middle arch is reportedly so unstable the city's director of public works says it needs to come down immediately, but fixing it could cost a quarter of a million dollars.

Wednesday night, city commissioners will consider funding a fix. For neighborhood residents like Elizabeth Wilson, there is no choice. She said, "I don't know if you're aware of it, but this is a suburb, probably the first suburb of Tallahassee many many years ago, and it just very historic I think."

Some residents are worried the Arch could come down and stay down, if repairs prove too costly.