Thomasville Landmark Could Soon Close

A Thomasville landmark is in danger being shut down, as budget cuts threaten to close the popular Farmer's Market.

Thomasville’s Farmer’s Market is a luxury, a place where thousands flock to buy fresh produce at cheaper prices, but this long standing institution may soon be history.

Acorns, squash, what ever the produce of choice, Otheda Mitchell says she'll travel miles to a south Georgia Farmer’s Market weekly for only the, "freshest."

"I travel from Bainbridge to come here because like you said it is fresh and the vegetables are fresh,” comments Mitchell.

But those who shop the Thomasville Farmer’s Market may soon have to look elsewhere for produce under the latest budget cutting plan, one that includes the shutting down of many other farmers markets in the state.

And the state's budget is no joke to Senate leaders either. In fact, along with shutting down all but two of Georgia’s markets, a proposal is also on the table to do away with
Georgia's farming literature, all vital to producers.

"Everyone comes here, farmers use this place here to have a business and it's not a good idea this is popular this area,” explains Cindy Lewis of Lewis Produce.

As you can see, producers, consumer, farmers ,are outraged. Thomasville Farmer’s Market pulls in millions of dollars to the local economy, and everyone Thursday says, to see it go would be a shame.

Tommy Irvin announced this week that this is just a senseless cut in the state's budget, and that if this proposal does go through, it would cost the state more money than it saves, Irvin will spend the next few weeks meeting with Senate leaders to try and sway their plans.

And several producers said they are gathering a petition to bring to the capitol urging senate leaders to change their plan.