Wakulla Commissioners Vote on an Interim County Administrator

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In a three to two vote the Wakulla County Board of Commissioners hired Joe Blanchard as the interim county administrator, but not without strong opinions from citizens.

"Nowadays ya'll use county commissioners as a part-time job and now you want to hire somebody else to be put in that position and you already got in your mind who you gonna put there."

"In my urging for you to get a fully competent, not convenient county administrator. You are nearing a budget preparation time."

Another option was brought to the table. Commissioner Howard Kessler is volunteering to take on the job until a permanent replacement is found.

Howard Kessler, Wakulla County Commissioner, said, "I think this board is capable of taking over those duties at no expense to the tax payers."

The idea was nixed by the other commissioners, but some residents were for it.

"What about the taxpayer? Commissioner Kessler offered to do it for nothing.

Accomplishing what they set out to do, the Board of Commissioners voted on Joe Blanchard, saying the void needed to be filled before the current administrators term is up in June.

Joe Blanchard said, "What I'd like to do is bring the people of the county together at least be open listen to people."

In not the greatest of fashions Joe Blanchard will take over, saying his hope is to bring peace to the feuding Board of Commissioners and residents.

The Wakulla County Board of Commissioners next step will be advertising and hiring a permanent county administrator.