Class Size Study

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A Florida TaxWatch study says the state can save millions by having students learn in larger classes that are structured and staffed differently.

Education is Donna Callaway’s life work and passion. For the past nine years she's made RAA Middle School home as the principal.

"I go to the doctor and don't tell him what med's to give me. This is my profession,” says Callaway.

Principal Callaway is talking about amendment nine to reduce Florida’s class size.

For RAA that would put the class size limit at 22 students per teacher.

"A dynamic teacher can teach 10-40 to 50 students,” Callaway adds.

TaxWatch supports that, Keith Baker says a teaching model called CHILD, Changing How Instruction for Learning is Delivered would save the state millions. But voters already approved amendment nine on the ballot.

"It's not over till the lady sings but who knows what will happen in the future,” Dr. Keith Baker of Florida TaxWatch explains.

Leon School Superintendent Bill Montford agrees the key ingredient to student achievement isn't the size of the class, but rather the quality of the instructor

"We can't afford to use this as an excuse to raise our classroom sizes back up and then put burden on teacher,” Sup. Montford says.

For principal Callaway she just wants the flexibility to make decisions about class size based on the needs of her students. And perhaps this new study showed up a day late and a dollar short. The three-year TaxWatch study evaluates performance, and class size using a teaching model in use in 45 Florida grade schools.