Chase on Video

A suspected bank robber was chased through the streets of Tallahassee and ultimately arrested a block from the Capitol. Video of that pursuit comes from a camera mounted on a deputy's dashboard.

In the view from DEP Bubba Stinson's dash behind the wheel of the car, he was chasing 23-year-old Daniel Strickland, suspected of robbing a Tallahassee bank on Tuesday.

A tip meant Leon County deputies were waiting for him on Highway 20 Wednesday night with two sets of stop sticks at Silver Lake, and again at Aenon Church.

SGT Chris Chase, LCSO spokesman, said, "These spike strips are designed to deflate the tires, at which time it lowers the speed of the vehicle dramatically where you're able to manage the pursuit and manage the speeds of the vehicles."

You could see the smoke as Strickland's tires blew out. DEP Stinson continued to follow him with lights and sirens. On Gaines Street you could count at least six SWAT cars closing in, and then a block from the Capitol deputies forced Strickland off the road.

Deputies bailed out to surround his car.

SGT Chris Chase said, "He immediately surrendered. They were able to move in and take him into custody without any further incident. Incident to searching the vehicle, they did recover a gun. It appears to be a bb-gun, one of the type that looks like a regular handgun."

It’s a gun authorities in Montgomery, Alabama believe Strickland used to try to rob a post office there hours earlier.

Strickland is slated to make his first appearance before a judge Friday morning.