Fatal Military Helicopter Crash in South Georgia

Four soldiers are dead, a fifth survived the crash, and investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the chopper to go down.

Four soldiers lost their lives during a routine training exercise and shut down a television station at the same time. Military officials say around 8 a.m. Thursday morning five soldiers were on a routine flight aboard a MH-47 Chinook.

It clipped a television tower, WFXL, taking the station off the air. The soldiers were flying from Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah on their way to Fort Rucker in Alabama, home of a helicopter training school.

Four soldiers are dead. One survived.

Military officials from Moody's 347th Rescue Wing Flight Safety Team, along with the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, were on scene securing the area.

Angela Tyner, a 32-year-old substitute teacher, was at her mother's house nearby and saw the chopper crash.

Tyner was the one who called 911 and alerted authorities to the crash, and assisted the lone survivor out of the downed chopper.