Motorcycle Deaths on the Rise

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Motorcycle deaths on the rise nationwide. Just ask Linda Marquardt. She had a close call in 2003.

Linda said, "I was just very, very fortunate to come out of it. I hit my head. I had hit the pavement. My husband broke his leg, and I tell you from that time on I will never ride again without a helmet.”

But the numbers show that in the last 10 years deaths in motorcycle accidents have doubled to 4,000 annually.

SGT Steve Gauding of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "It's very hard to be in a crash and not hit your head, so we've seen a number of serious injuries and fatalities that resulted from either not wearing a helmet or wearing a helmet improperly."

But six states including Florida have relaxed their laws. In Florida if you're over 21 and have medical insurance, you do not have to wear a helmet, and riders agree saying it's a personal choice.

Steven Webb, a rider for more than 40 years, said, "I wear a helmet, just a personal preference. I don't argue with those that don't, but statistics have probably born out that the helmet law does save some lives."

No helmet laws shows fatalities in those states have gone up, and although some bikers do wear helmets, they stand by their right to make a choice.

Lawmakers in some states including Florida want to take a closer look at the no helmet laws and make some changes.