Plane Crash Witness Shares Account

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Angela Tyner was outside her home Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like thunder. It was a military helicopter crashing down in her neighborhood.

"I heard like propellers messing up and seen the explosion and metal flying."

Tyner called 9-1-1, then drove to the wreckage. Four soldiers on a training were mission killed. A fifth survived.

Tyner tried to calm him until rescue crews arrived.

"He had, uh, part on his eye bleeding. He was walking, but scared like anyone would be, or shook up."

Tyner came home to tell her family what had happened, amazed that even one soldier was able to walk away.

"It's a miracle that he got out of there because I didn't think it was a helicopter as big as it was. It looked to be one of the smaller helicopters."

Thursday night as she tucked her daughter into bed she was thinking of the victims’ families who'll never again get to kiss their loved ones goodnight.

"I just pray for the families of the ones they lost," she said.