Illegal Sewage Dumping

An illegal dump is causing a big stink in more ways than one for residents.

Eric Rathel and his neighbors at the Circle C Trailer Park on Summerhill are sick.

It's not just the smell, but the unsanitary conditions caused by the illegally dumped raw sewage behind their homes.

Rathel and Wayne McCall lived in at Circle C and worked for the park's owner Sam Collins, following his orders to pump the park's septic tanks and dump the sewage in the woods behind the park. When they found out the dumping was illegal, they notified the Thomas County Sheriff's Office, and Friday afternoon, Sam Collins, Sr. was arrested.

But, the problems are only just beginning for Rathel and McCall. With Collins’ arrest, McCall and Rathel are out of the job, a job that did not even pay them minimum wage.

Now, they don't know where they will work, or live.

But, they say they are just satisfied that justice has been served.

Sam Collins, Sr. is charged with illegal dumping, that comes with a $25,000 fine for each count per day and punishable by up to two years in prison for each count.

The Thomas County Sheriff's Department is continuing this investigation.