Army Helicopter Crash Under Investigation

The investigation on an Army helicopter crash that killed four soldiers started Friday. The crash in a Georgia field Thursday left one survivor. The Combat Readiness Center professionals are conducting a thorough investigation on-site.

Four soldiers were killed Thursday morning after their MH-47 Chinook helicopter clipped a television tower in Doerun, Georgia and crashed.

Eleven-year-old Jennifer lives nearby.

Jennifer said, "I was cooking in the kitchen for my mother and my brother when the helicopter flew over to our house. It made a huge noise after it went over our house, like a big booming noise."

There were five soldiers aboard the helicopter on a routine training flight from Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia to Fort Rucker, Alabama. Only one survived.

An Army spokesperson says he only suffered minor injuries. The U.S. Army and Marine Corp has partnered for the investigation.

Lisa Eichhorn, Army spokesperson, said, “I cannot say enough, and all of us in the Army would have been so touched by not only the Air Force. Moody Air Force Base who were on the scene yesterday, and the Marines came later. They have just been incredible. This has truly been a joint operation from the beginning."

The names of the four soldiers killed will be released Saturday morning. The WFXL TV tower that was clipped is still standing.

The spokesperson would not go into detail about it, only saying that the people managing the tower are taking a look at.