Wachovia Bank Robbed

A bank robbery Friday morning is the second this week in Tallahassee, and Friday night the two masked robbers are still on the run. All they left behind was a stolen pickup truck.

The target this time was the Wachovia Bank on Mahan Drive. Soon after the doors opened for business on this busy Friday, a pair of robbers rushed in.

SGT Eric Childs of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "They came in in plain clothes, they did have some type of cloth or towel wrapped around their heads. Other than that, and they did have dark clothing."

One man told police he was at the ATM when two robbers took off. Witnesses say they got into a white pickup truck. Rick Strange saw it whiz by as he edged a lawn one block away.

Rick said, "A white pickup come flying around the corner there and I thought, you know, he's going awful fast for that corner."

Workers at a construction site saw the truck pull in. They say a black man in a white t-shirt bailed out of the truck and took off toward the wood line.

Officers found the white Dodge pickup abandoned on Eliza Road right behind the shopping center. It turns out it was stolen from a car dealership three weeks ago.

DET Lee Fuller with LCSO said, "Definitely, if anybody has seen these guys driving around in this particular car within the last couple of weeks, we'd appreciate a phone call."

Police brought out the dogs to try track the men through the woods. They sent a chopper up in hopes of spotting them from the air, and they questioned folks in nearby Tom Brown Park, but at least for now the two robbers got away.

There are only vague descriptions of the robbers. One is a black man about 6'2" and 230 pounds. The other not as big.

If you saw them or have seen someone driving that pickup lately, call Crime Stoppers at 891-HELP.