Drug Bust Yields Dope and Money

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It all started with residents complaining about drug activity and late night visitors at a Susan Drive home.

SGT James McQuaig with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "It was pretty much non-stop according to our surveillance and citizen complaints."

It’s surveillance that agents say included undercover detectives posing as customers and making cocaine purchases.

An undercover agent with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "Several guns were seen during the undercover operation, so at any time these people, suspects that you are dealing with don't believe you are who you say you are, and that's a drug addict or drug dealer."

Undercover work led drug agents to Darryn Johnson, Reginald Reddick, Adrian Adams, and Julie Bodiford, all arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

SGT McQuaig added, "First thing you could see in the door was a handgun laying on the table, along with several knives and cocaine scattered throughout the living room."

Detectives say it appears to be a newly arrived shipment of drugs worth $5,500. Agents also seized firearms and $800 in cash.

SGT McQuaig said, "I think it was a good bust. It was a good case and it was based on citizen contacts."

While at the bust detectives say Richard Wright drove up in a scooter and admitted to having drugs on him. He was then arrested.

Four weeks of undercover work ended with five arrests and a stash of goodies.