Mosquito Season Soon to Arrive

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Justin and Holden Rowe love the outdoors. Well, except for the mosquitoes.

"One time two years ago I got bit all over my legs and arms.”

“What was it like?”

“Well, let’s just say it wasn't relaxing," said eight-year-old Holden.

His big brother Justin agrees the pests are a problem

"They carry a lot of diseases and they really hurt and are annoying."

These brothers say they're packing their repellent when they head off to camp next week, and they should; mosquito season is soon to arrive and with it some serious viruses.

"The symptoms can range from nothing to becoming very ill with an infection of the brain and even death," said Marjorie Kirsch, Medical Director at the Leon County Health Department.

To protect from the pesty problem she suggests using a mosquito repellent. Right now there are several on the market, but Kirsch says the best protection comes from products containing the active ingredients deet or picaridin.

"Avoiding exposure to mosquitoes and protecting yourself with repellents , but certainly you want to reduce the amount in your yard by emptying all the standing water, empty bird baths at least once a week so the developing larva will not make it to adulthood," said Kirsch.

So far in Florida some serious viruses have spread to animals, but that doesn't mean humans are in the clear, as mosquito season is just getting started.