Hurricane Zoe Exercises

Hurricane Zoe is making quite an impact on the Big Bend. With high winds, disaster relief is kicked into high gear.

Outside the building hurricane force winds are gusting at 105 miles per hour, but it's just a drill. "Hurricane Zoe" is a staged hurricane to make sure our area is prepared in case of a disaster.

Thomas Bush, a Leon County resident, says he has faith his town will be ready in case a storm hits.

Thomas Bush says, "It's good to know that Leon County, the government of Leon County, the volunteers of Leon County, are working to get the community ready to be able to respond to disasters."

Preparedness is the key in the hurricane simulation. Volunteers go through every step as if a natural disaster were right outside the door.

Jeri Bush Wwith Volunteer Leon says, "As long as citizens and volunteers see that we have our act together and they're being processed and sent out into the field and the victims are being helped, everything will go just fine."

Volunteers at the drill hope this year it will be just that, a hurricane drill, crossing their fingers for a quite hurricane season.

And in case it's a stormy summer, the volunteers are ready for whatever mother nature sends their way. Organizers say volunteers are the most critical need during a natural disaster, and Saturday's simulation only helps with hurricane preparedness.