Teacher Pay in Gadsden Schools

Last year Gadsden County teachers got a substantial increase, and right now the superintendent is still working out the numbers to get instructors that promised pay raise.

Some 30 new teachers in Gadsden County are getting their paperwork and background checks completed before stepping into the classrooms, and before they embark on their new careers they'll be getting a paycheck boost.

Superintendent Reginald James said, "Without jeopardizing the process I can see we anticipate the teachers will get the largest raise in history in Gadsden County schools.”

Right now Superintendent Reginald James won't say if it will be a seven or 10 percent increase because he's still crunching the numbers, but he says it will be one for the record books.

James added, "Our pay is not as high as the pay in Leon County, but we're working to try to close that gap, and so my first year here we were able to give a $1,500 raise, so as I said earlier, our intent is much more than that this year."

New teachers like Ronnie Thomas say an increase in pay will help them make the grade.

Ronnie said, "I think it's a well deserved raise, especially for teachers’ efforts and the time they put in the kids, and for them to work even harder and put more efforts into the kids.

They are kids who will benefit from happy and well paid teachers this coming year. The superintendent hopes to have the final figures in by July. He'll release the information to teachers at a conference in Panama City.