Medtronic Truck Stops in Thomasville

Located directly across the street from Archbold Memorial Hospital's emergency room, the 80-foot-long semi is bringing the latest cardiovascular technology to the physicians of Thomasville.

The main attraction at the educational tool on wheels is the surgical labs.

Jay Reid, mobile education center manager, says, "The two simulators have a total of 20 patient hearts, some of which we can put heart catheters in and some pacemaker leads."

The simulators are no dummies. Inside they are equipped with the proper anatomy, something any doctor wanting to learn more about the human heart can appreciate.

Jim Karas, a cardiologist at Archbold, comments, "We always need to be on the cutting edge with technology because cardiology technology keeps building faster and faster and more rapid then ever, and these kind of devices allow us to save lives in ways we could never have before."

Reid adds there's always a learning curve with anything. With this particular technology, the simulators provide that opportunity to get a few cases under your belt before you actually do it on a live person.

It's practice doctors say will come in handy when their services are needed the most in the operating room.

The mobile lab is in Thomasville until Wednesday. It has already helped to train 8,500 medical personnel.