Filthy Trailer Offends Neighbors

A filthy trailer home is causing a stink, the same one authorities recently rescued an incapacitated woman and her children from.

Residents are fed up with the filth. A trash pile of food, wrappers, drink bottles, almost anything you can imagine nearly reaches the ceiling in the Woodville trailer home.

Nearby residents say the smell is out of control.

Kim Dukes, a neighbor, says, "The smell, the roaches, just the smell. The children going up there, the humidity, we're just all concerned about it. It's not a good environment to be living around."

Back in March, a Leon County man was arrested after authorities found his incapacitated wife and two kids living in the filth. The children were removed and the more than 600-pound woman is in rehab. The door to the home remains open, exposing the years of garbage buildup.

Teddy Clark, next door neighbor, said, "The neighbors around here have said there are dead dogs and dead chickens laying in that garbage in there. You know if there's stuff dead you're going to get stink. Also the human waste, you get stink form that. It smells sometimes just like an open toilet or a septic tank. It's just terrible."

Kim said, "I would like to see the trailer condemned; torn down is what needs to be done."

Neighbors say the home is also an eyesore. They are hoping and waiting for someone to come clean up the mess. The Florida Department of Health has visited the home and is working the case.