Decatur Meth Bust

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Decatur County Sheriffs make yet another big bust.

Decatur County's drug task crew say it's still to much money made, $500 to $5,000, by those trying to sell the potentially lethal drug methamphetamine on the streets.

"Meth is growing and it's growing more than the crack war or cocaine and I don't know why,” Chip Nix explains.

But Georgia’s lawmakers are now working on a answer to try and crack down on those who deal meth, by way of a new law, one that will make it illegal to own large quantities of over-the-counter-drugs used to make the deadly drug.

"If Gov. Perdue passes this new law it would make life easier for us,” comments Garrett Williams

Currently there are two groups of meth popular in the states, Georgia law enforcement agencies say in the south, the Natzi (antie-histamine form) is key.

The new bill has made its way through both the House and Senate. Decatur sheriff's say they are hopeful it will also get an approval from the governor.